I have occasionally been known to present Radio programs on Local Radio Stations in the Dorset area.

This is something I’ve been doing on-and-off over the last 15 or so years. I started out presenting shows on Internet Radio stations as most people do. However, I eventually decided to try and get a show on Hospital Radio Bedside. This confirmed I really enjoyed this type of *professional* broadcasting.

I eventually got a show on the Bay 102.8 FM producing pre-recorded shows on a weekly basis. I did however eventually progress to presenting live shows and ended up doing weekend breakfast shows. The station eventually became Hot Radio and I continued to present my shows on an Ad-Hoc basis around my career for several years until 2016.


I was offered a show on Weymouth and Portland’s Air FM. It was at this point I was presenting about three shows a week, which around work became a bit to much to juggle. After a year or so of driving around Dorset I decided to scale back my commitments as I had very little time to myself. I was eventually offered a show on Forest FM, a much more local Station to me and I decided to focus my efforts here. I still present shows on Forest Today as well as yearly RSL’s for the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Radio is something I have learnt to really enjoy and I have been lucky to have had so many opportunities over the years. I’d like to think I’m still┬ájust starting in Radio as my enthusiasm for it never really seems to fade as it’s something I keep coming back to time and time again.